Our environment and our interaction that ATM has with it on a daily basis is increasingly scrutinised and it is our duty to consider this in each of the projects we undertake.

ATM operates under a strict and documented ISO 14001 2004 Environmental Policy and we consider the protection and the enhancement of the environment key when executing each of our projects.

With emphasis on the reduction of carbon emissions and waste to landfill, we are at the forefront of new developments in green waste recycling, biomass generated energy production and “Air Curtain Incineration” techniques. We employ these systems wherever possible during site clearance, forestry and arboricultural works where products previously considered as waste are now used to offset costs and even generate income.

As environmental constraints are increasingly placed on projects we are able to use our wide experience and skills to offer practical and effective solutions to mitigate environmental impacts on the landscape and flora and fauna within it, including:

  • Habitat creation and translocation
  • Amphibian, reptile and mammal exclusion/collection/relocation
  • Bird and bat exclusion systems
  • Vegetation management – including Japanese Knotweed control
  • Pond and watercourse creation and management
  • Wildflower and reedbed creation and management

These environmental benefits will ensure the sustainability of these resources for future generations.